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EquaFlex Paperback

10 mil EquaFlex

10 mil EquaFlex is the most flexible product offered by Superior Veneer.  This backing utilizes a thermoset glue over a fibrous paper for extreme pliability, tear resistance, and excellent adhesion to smooth substrates. 10 mil is perfect for vacuum press applications and for complex curves requiring extreme pliability.  Not recommended for contact cement applications.  Back color match to face veneer color.   Extremely pliable, moderate strength, and minimum moisture barrier.

20 mil EquaFlex

20 mil EquaFlex offers extra strength and thickness over 10 mil, with similar flexibility.  20 mil can be used with a variety of glues including PVA and contact cements.  Just as the 10 mil is color matched, 20 mil is color matched to the face veneer color.  Offers pliability, strength, and moderate moisture barrier.

30 mil EquaFlex

30 mil EquaFlex adds additional thickness designed to prevent finish bleed-thru while still offering sufficient flexibility.  This backing offers the same ease of adhesion to a variety of substrates as other EquaFlex thicknesses.  As with the 10 and 20 mil backings, backing is color matched to veneer face.  Less pliable but higher strength, better moisture barrier.

EquaFlex Colors

EquaFlex paper backings are available in three colors that are selected to best match the face veneer.  The colors available are:

EquaFlex Sizes

EquaFlex paper backings are available in a wide variety of sizes including:

Available Sizes – width x length:

4’ x 8’          8’ x 4’          5’ x 8’          8’ x 5’

4’ x 10’       10’ x 4’         5’ x 10’       10’ x 5’

4’ x 12’       12’ x 4’         5’ x 12’       12’ x 5’

Dark Brown