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Artisan Thick 1/16” Veneer

Thin wood veneer is perfect for almost every job, but every now and then a thicker veneer is needed. Superior Veneer’s Artisan Thick Veneers faces are made from 1/16”  thick material.  Just like our thin veneers, Artisan Thick veneers are available in a variety of species and layup options and are manufactured to your specification.

Available Species include:

Maple            Poplar

Cherry           Elm

White Oak     Rustic Domestic

Red Oak        Alder


Common Exotics – kahya, sapele, anigre, etc….

Standard layup is a book & balance match.  

Thick veneer is available on EquaFlex paperbacking, SuperBack Laminate, PerfectMatch wood on wood, or choice of substrates including MDF, Veneer Core, or Particle Board.

Artisan Thick is available in the following sizes:

4’ x 8’          8’ x 4’          5’ x 8’          8’ x 5’

4’ x 10’       10’ x 4’         5’ x 10’       10’ x 5’

Artisan Thick Veneer

1/16 Walnut

1/16 walnut vs 1/42 walnut