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1. What sizes are available in Artisan Thick?   Artisan Thick 1/16” veneer faces, sheets, or panels are available in 4 x 8 thru 5 x 10 sizes.  Occasionally, 12’material is available.  Call to inquire.

2. Do you produce custom sizes?  We do produce custom sizes and cut to size faces, sheets, and panels with Artisan Thick veneers.

3. Do you stock Artisan Thick veneers?  We do stock Artisan Thick veneers, but in flitch only.  All production of faces, sheets, and panels are made to order.

4. Can I buy faces only?  Yes, we do produce faces only.  Faces are unsanded and end taped.  Faces must be shipped flat.

5. What backings/substrates are available?  Much like our standard thickness veneers, Artisan Thick veneer is available in 10, 20, 30 mil paper, SuperBack laminate, and 2 ply backings.  We also offer MDF, particle board, classic core, and veneer core substrates with Artisan Thick faces and backs.

6. What glue is recommended?  If you are planning on gluing up Artisan Thick veneer faces or 10 mil paper backed sheets, we recommend a Type II wood glue.  Although contact cement can be used without issue.

7. Is there a minimum order?  There is no minimum order as long as we have the material available.

8. Why should I buy Artisan Thick over standard thickness veneers?  If you are wanting to wire brush or distress the veneer, Artisan Thick is definitely the right choice.  If you are concerned about sanding through standard thickness veneers, Artisan Thick veneer is the veneer for you.

9. How do you ship Artisan Thick veneers?  Superior Veneer & Plywood ships Artisan Thick veneers using UPS Ground when the material is on a backing that allows us to roll and box for economical shipping.  We also can ship LTL (less than truckload) on a pallet for those jobs we cannot roll.

10. Do you sand Artisan Thick veneers?  We do sand Artisan Thick sheets and panels using a 120 grit wide belt sander.  Faces are unsanded.

11. Is sequencing available?  Sequencing is available.  However, the material run through is faster than standard thicknesses, so sequencing is more limited.

12. What species are available?  Most domestic species are available including ash, alder, cherry, fir, hickory, maple, red and white oak, pine, poplar, and walnut.  Exotics are also available and include anigre, mahogany, sapele, teak, and wenge.  Call for species not listed.

13. How long does it take for production?  Artisan Thick veneer faces and sheets can be produced typically in a week or two depending on specie, size, and quantity.  Panels take a few days longer. All are made to order.

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